"LAND OF CONTRAST" - promotion clip for Mozambique's tourism industry

We are happy to provide assistance how you can get Mozambique's promotion clip "Land of Contrast" for your personal use or for the use in your media.

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You may customise the look&feel of the clip, please use the embedding function in our video:

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3. If you want to produce a DVD to play on DVD players or computers, please download (53.8MB):


then unzip the file and only copy the two content folders "AUDIO_TS" and "VIDEO_TS" to a DVD. This process will create a self-starting PAL DVD.

IMPORTANT COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The entire content of the clip „LAND OF CONTRAST“ is copyright protected. All rights are owned by SONCA international or third parties.
We are very happy to share the video clip „LAND OF CONTRAST“ with you - you are welcome to use this clip for any promotional purposes of tourism in Mozambique, but is subject to the following:
- SONCA international allows users to browse, link, embed, download and privately or publically broadcast the clip.
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